Universal Ear Notching System

Ear-notching helps identify a pig's litter and which one of the litter it is, giving each pig a unique identity number.

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Universal Ear Notching System. Each ear is divided into four parts; Each area representing the numbers: 1, 3, 9 or 27; In each of the four areas, you can have up.

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UNIVERSAL EAR-NOTCHING SYSTEM. 196 。 Ear-Notching System. The Key. 114AR. 兴义。 1324B;. 理以. Litter Mark: Right ear is used for litter mark and.

Both commercial swine and show pigs are individually identified using a universal system known as ear notching. Ear-notching helps identify a pig's litter and.

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Each ear is divided into four parts; Each area representing the numbers: 1, 3, 9 or 27; In each of the four areas, you can have up to 2 notches.

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Ear Notching Reference Guide. Litter 1. 1-1. 1-2. 1-3. 1-4. 1-5. 1-6. 1-7. 1-8. 1-9. 1 -10. 1-11. 1-12. Page 2. Ear Notching Reference Guide. Litter 2. 2-1. 2-2. 2-3.

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(682) Further Information (external Links) Ear Notching Intro – All about notching Proper Way to Ear Notch Pigs Ear Notching for Dummies.

Universal Swine Ear Notching System. 81. Right Ear. The right ear is used for litter mark, and all pigs in the same litter must have the same ear notches in this.

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AGRICULTUR. Swine Management. Published by the University of Missouri- Columbia Extension Division. Universal ear notching system for pigs. John C. Rea.

Processing may include teeth clipping, ear notching, tail docking, and. Universal numbering systems have been developed to allow for the identification of pigs.

The universal ear notching system is the most common method of permanent. The right ear is used for the litter mark. notches in the left ear identify the pig's.

If the pigs are to be individually ear-notched, record all the identification. Ear Notching Systems The most common individual pig and litter earmarking. Examples of ear-notching numbering systems: A. Universal ear-notching system using.

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DID YOU KNOW: It takes swine 4 hours to digest their food and it takes cattle and sheep about 24 hours. Universal Ear Notching System. Example: Pig number.

"MEET YOUR MATES!" – Swine Breed Identification and Ear Notching Techniques & Tools – Part 2 by Jenni Pareas

It is also used in the ear notch identification system. There are different types of production systems for swine:. Start at the base of the pig's ears and measure to. to the universal ear notching system. Left ear is your birth date; Right ear is.

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Place a sterile ear tag into a sanitized ear tag applier. Locate the proper position for placement. For example, place the numbers in the upward configuration so that they can be easily read without restraining the animal. Apply the tag to the base of the ear, approximately 3 mm from the edge of the ear pinna.

Jun 29, 2016. Most show pigs are individually identified using a universal system known as ear notching. Learning to read ear notches is a valuable tool, not.

The universal ear notching system is based on the fact that a pig has two ears. The pig's right ear (as viewed from the rear of the pig) is designated as the “litter”.

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Ear Notching- Swine Ear Notching Quiz What would be the litter number and individual number of this animal? Ear Notching Answer "The right (litter) ear is equal to 9+3+3+1=

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View Notes – pig_ear__notching from AGC ANSC 102 at Purdue. Universal Ear Notching System Right Ear Litter Notch Left Ear Individual Notch

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4. Entries must show individual identification using an ear notch that conforms to the universal ear notch system. The pig must be tagged with a tamper proof tag imprinted with the national NAIS premise identification number for the premise the pig originated from and/or a tamper proof 840 ear tag that confirms to the USDA requirements.

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Litter Mark: The Right Ear is used for the litter mark and all pigs of same litter must have the same notches in this ear. Right Ear is on pigs own right. Individual Pig Marks: The Left Ear is used for notches showing individual pig number in the litter. Each pig will have different notches in this ear. Notches shown on this page for 149 litters.

Jan 28, 2004. For the Left ear options for notches are a. Week # (Pig 1) b. Pig Number in the Litter (Pig 1) *Standard Purebred Notching System c. Month of.

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Ear notching is done on new born baby pigs for the purpose of identification. The standard ear notch system will consist of a standard set of numbers and.

Ear Notching- Swine Ear Notching Quiz What would be the litter number and individual number of this animal? Ear Notching Answer "The right (litter) ear is equal to 9+3+3+1=

Guide for showing location and value of ear notches for marking litters and individual pigs. THIS IS THE ONLY SYSTEM WHICH WILL BE PERMITTED AFTER.