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(CNN) – According to a new study from, consumers in Southern cities have the highest credit card debt burden in the Nation. High debt burden occurs when credit card balances are high and earnings are average or below.

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(CNN) – According to a new study from, consumers in Southern cities have the highest credit card debt burden in the Nation. High debt burden occurs when credit card balances are high and earnings are average or below.

When it comes to credit card debt which major US cities have the most burden? Those in southern cities. That’s according to a new study by The study looked at the 25 largest metro areas and compared the average credit.

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Some 15 million Americans are hiding credit cards, checking accounts or savings from their live-in partners, according to a new study from Bankrate. Another 9 million say they used to have such an account, but have come clean. Young.

Children: Should their schools tell them they’re overweight? Digital Vision via Thinkstock Should schoolchildren receive.

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In a new study comparing credit debt and income, three cities in Texas made the top five, with the Alamo City at No. 1. A USAA financial advisor said that the report placing San Antonio as tops for credit debt burden is.

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Ppp Teaching Method There will be no private sector involvement in education beyond providing the buildings that enable teaching and learning to take place. The teachers provide the teaching and all decisions on the education lie with the board of trustees and school leadership. A PPP simply offers an alternative method to procure property. With an aim to

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No, it’s not that second Baconator I ate yesterday or the 6-pack of Schlitz I had afterward that’s causing my clothes not to fit anymore. It’s the credit card I used to pay for them — or at least that what the authors of a new study are theorizing.

(CNN) — America’s credit card debt is the highest it’s ever been, surpassing $1 trillion in 2017. That’s according to Federal Reserve Data. But where in the U.S. is that debt concentrated the most? According to a new study from.

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Monday, October 15 was Global Handwashing Day, but a new study suggests maybe it’s more than your hands you’ll want to wash. UK researchers have found that one in 10 bank cards and one in seven bills were found to be contaminated.

JEDDAH: The Shoura Council is expected to have in-depth discussions on the planned Green Card for expatriates soon after other government bodies study it, according to several members of the consultative body. This comes in the wake.