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  1. This is soooo disturbing. I have also watched the Jonestown situation. Everytime Jim Jones said they will torture our children & elderly…I thought "yup, this guy is nuts, no one would ever do that". Well…here it is those babies were tortured in Waco…maybe not such a nuts statement watching this. Don't get me wrong…Jim Jones was a nutter for sure. The people of Waco did not set themselves on fire.

    In 1993, the ATF conducted a raid on a compound outside Waco Texas that belonged to a religious cult called the “Branch Davidians.” Early in the morning, when they arrived, they found reporters from the local tv stations and newspapers were already waiting for them. Someone had broken security. Hundreds of ATF agents, along with tanks from Ft Hood and military personnel, surrounded the Branch Davidians and their leader, “David Koresh” in the compound. Koresh organized his followers to stay in the communal building. This set the stage for the second longest and definitely the largest siege situation in the history of US law enforcement. The longest siege occurred at Wounded Knee, South Dakota and began on February 27th, 1973 and ran for 71 days. It ended poorly for the government though no one was killed. It was then that the DOJ decided that they needed to come up with a strategy for dealing with groups of people who were not typical criminals, but were under the control of a charismatic leader like David Koresh. They decided that the preferred method was “decapitation” not in the sense of actually chopping off someone’s head, but in the sense that before there was any major movement of men surrounding compounds, they should arrest the leader when he was away from his followers. This way, they could prevent the leader from rallying his people to resist, making the arrest that much quicker, easier and safer. They could have done this with Koresh because every week, he went into town to the post office to collect the mail for the group. This was a formal safety procedure written in the DOJ Field Manual for all law enforcement agents of the Federal government. So the big question is, “Why didn’t they follow their own safety regulations?” In the end, this mistake cost 75 of the Branch Davidians and two federal agents their lives.
    But, in the end, the public was told that it was Janet Reno who was responsible because she ordered the raid to begin. She stood up and took full responsibility. But, she was never fired. Instead, she went on to become the only Attorney General in history to serve two terms with the same president. According to Dick Morris, advisor to President Clinton, Janet Reno had “blackmailed” Clinton into keeping her on. What could Janet Reno possibly have on Bill Clinton that would be more important than 77 dead people for which she was responsible? A: That she wasn’t actually responsible.
    So what really happened at Waco, or rather at the planning stages of Waco? All sorts of things, no doubt, but one of those things that had to have happened is that some federal agents, (ATF or FBI) had to make the request to the White House for the use of those tanks and federal troops. You see, the Posse Comitatus Act, which was passed after Reconstruction in the 1800s, required that the president personally approve the use any military equipment or personnel in a civilian law enforcement operation. That means that someone from ATF/FBI had to have briefed the president on what the military was needed for. And since we know that the military were there, we know he had to have signed the orders. (Contrary to belief, the Attorney General is not really a general in the army.) So, the question is, didn’t they warn the president that surrounding the compound with Koresh in it was a guarantee that there would be a hold out? Either they did or they didn’t. Did they mislead the president resulting in all those deaths? Well, if they did, then it’s hard to explain why no one on the planning team was ever punished for it. Because at the very least, they were responsible for all those deaths. Not only was no one ever punished, they were all promoted within a year. That sounds like they must have done their job right and someone else was responsible for the screw up. But who and why? Er, maybe the guy who signed the orders? The first really big law that President Clinton pushed for in his first 100 days was the Assault Weapons Ban. And a big splashy raid, on a gang of crazies armed with 50 caliber rifles, in the Texas desert, broadcast every night on TV for a couple weeks was just the ticket to drum up support for the law. Except a couple of weeks turned into a couple of months.
    In the aftermath of the raid, Congress appointed Senator John Danforth to investigate the raid. At the beginning, he announced that he would NOT be looking into anything that occurred before the ATF/FBI arrived at the compound. In other words, he would not investigate the planning stage where President Clinton had to have had some role. Why would he do that unless he already knew what he would find?
    The only people who could tell the world what really happened are the people who took part in planning the raid and briefing the president. By now, all these people are safely in retirement and they can’t be punished without also indicting the Clintons. If Bill Clinton were innocent, then he should have been incensed that it happened at all. He didn’t punish anyone, not even Janet Reno. Janet Reno stepped up to the microphone and took responsibility for what happened, but she would have been briefed on everything that I’ve told you here. And this would explain why she was able to spend 8 full years as Attorney General.
    Final Note: My Freedom of Information Act request to the Clinton Library for a copy of the order was not fulfilled. It was reportedly not in their archives.

  3. It was always the intent of the ATF and FBI to kill everyone in the Waco compound and that is exactly what they did.

  4. This Documentary is actually called 'Waco: The Rules of Engagement' it came out in 1997. If you enjoyed then you should also watch
    Waco: A New Revelation (1999)
    Waco: The Big Lie (1993)
    Other documentaries you'd probably enjoy if you liked this are
    Jonestown: The Life & Death of People's Temple (2006)
    Going Clear: Scientology & The Prison of Belief (2015)
    All on 'cults' ostensibly.

  5. It is so obvious hell man Ray Charles from the grave can still see it the federal agents all came to commit murder on behalf of the tyrannical government

  6. You think this is bad look up Ruby Ridge that happened in 1992 seems like I read that a lot of the same “Feds” were involved in both of these sad invents. I could be wrong tho

  7. the government let this happen by allowing the second ammenment of constatutnion the right to bear arms . what the government should do is give guns to their child and say use it any way you what on your school mates because that is exactly what they are allowing there wouldn't have been any shootings @Columbine or Sandy Hook and other schools if they would changed the ammenment and the government is letting the N.R.A. control them

  8. These people were totally brainwashed. I mean think about it David claimed to be the lamb of God if that is the case then why hasn't David done ANYTHING for his people that was left behind 25 years later???????????

  9. That fucking ass Schumer I wish someone would set him on fire, And the FBI for what they did no wonder we hate them,

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